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Business Hours:

Mon-Sat 10-7

Extended hours on Sat & Sunday for parties

Mens Aromasque Facial 

This indulgent deep cleansing mens spa facial includes relaxing steamed towels; deep pore cleanse using our multi function facial machine brushes; toning; exfoliation and a customized mask for hydration.

The Aromasque Facial is designed for mens unique skincare needs and will leave skin looking fresh,   toned, radiant, and glowing.


Weekend Specials

$35 ($70 value) Primp and Picture package: The Primp and Picture package includes a child candy facial, face art or mini manicure, Princess or Diva tattoo, Daddy and Me 4x6 photo, and mini cupcake, fruit cup, or chips with a juice box.


$45 ($150 value) Daddy's Little Princess package: The Daddy's Little Princess package includes a choice of two spa services (candy facial or ice cream-scented manicure or pedicure), face art, a Princess or Diva tattoo, Daddy and Me 4x6 photo, or Daddy and Me make-your-own nail polish craft and refreshments.


$55 ($140 value) Daddy and Me Spa Day package: The Daddy and Me Spa Day package includes a rejuvenating Aromesque facial for dad, and any spa service for your child (candy facial or ice cream manicure or pedicure). Plus, get a Sweet and Simple makeover for your child followed by a Daddy-and-Me make-your-own nail polish craft and refreshments.

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